Gold Bars

Buy gold bars at the best price in the USA here at Ploutos Gold and Silver. Gold bars have been a sign of wealth for thousands of years. Build your wealth by purchasing a variety of gold bars. Most people choose to buy 1 troy oz of gold at a time. This makes storage of your gold easy. You can stack one oz at a time.

However many people also choose to purchase 1 gram gold bars or breakable gold bars that can be 10g 20g 50g or even 100g of gold. This bar comes in one plastic  package, but when you open it you will be able to break the bar into 1 gram sections.

Thinking that from where to buy best quality gold bars near me? Buy from Ploutos Gold and Silver LLC. We may not be physically near you, but we are a top quality Gold and Silver Bullion dealer who has better pricing than your local coin shop. Not only does have  great pricing, but we also have great customer service. When you place an order, you will get follow up emails and phone calls from the owners.

We have the best pricing because we created a site where we have a 3% mark up on all of our products. We have found that 3% profit is not a lot, but it helps us keep our pricing low while getting our volume of sales up. So choose your gold from our wide selection below and buy the best gold bars at the lowest price possible.

Buy gold bars at the best price in the USA here at

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