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Where to Buy South African Gold Coin at Best Price in USA Online?

The South African Gold Krugerrand Coin is the industry’s most trusted and sought-after gold bullion coin. These coins have a richer history than any other gold bullion coin. Although there are now dozens of gold investment-grade coins to choose from, the Gold Krugerrand was once the only choice for private investors. If you’re looking for a bullion dealer in the USA to buy South African Gold Coin at best price in USA online, then Ploutosgs is the best place near you.

The History of the Krugerrand Gold Coin

Krugerrand gold coins were first introduced in 1967. Making them the oldest regularly minted gold coins available for sale, trading, or purchase. In 1980, over 90% of gold bullion coins sold worldwide were 1-ounce Krugerrands. Currently, more than 50 million Gold Krugerrand Coins are available for sale to gold bullion coin buyers around the world.

There is no legal tender value on the Gold Krugerrand, which makes it unique. However, South Africans believe the current spot gold price determines the coin’s value.

South African Gold Krugerrand Design

Paul Kruger, the fifth president of South Africa, was the inspiration behind the name of the South African Gold Krugerrand. He was a controversial hero during the Second Boer War when he defended the interests of South Africa against Great Britain. In some ways, Kruger was like a folk hero, ready to sacrifice anything for the good of his people.

However, according to others, he was an unjust leader who was stubborn. After serving in the government for over 40 years, Kruger held the position of president for nearly two decades.

Investors and collectors can find a profile of Paul Kruger on the obverse of the coin, with the country name in both languages. In reverse, there is a springbok antelope, South Africa’s national symbol.

The design is crafted with stunning detail as a stunning homage to South African political and natural heritage. Every Gold Krugerrand coin also bears the year of its mintage.

South African Gold Krugerrand: Is it worth collecting?

The fact that these gold coins are made with 22K gold rather than .9999 fineness may discourage some collectors from investing in them. However, there isn’t a gold coin on the market today with a longer history than the gold coin of South Africa. Each coin has a guarantee of quality, and its attractiveness makes these coins visually appealing. Investing in these coins can help you diversify your collection, protect a financial future, or help plan for retirement.

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