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What is the Best Way To Buy Gold and Silver Bullion Online

It is very easy for new investors to become overwhelmed by the many options available when they decide to buy gold and silver online for the first time. The choices can seem endless, no matter what products you want to order or how much you want to pay. Yet, it is safe to say that no “right” or “wrong” way exists to purchase precious metals. In this blog we will talk about the best ways to go about buying Gold and Silver bullion online.

However, when buying precious metals, there are some general guidelines to keep in mind, but ultimately, it comes down to finding the options that best suit your needs.

What Is the Right Amount to Spend?

You should consider the spot price when determining how much you should pay to buy gold and silver bullion online. A precious metal’s spot price determines its current market value and serves as the basis for bullion pricing. There is constant fluctuation in these prices, so finding the most current spot price is important. Then research which precious metals dealers offer the lowest premiums once you have the spot price for your precious metal.

Choosing the Right Dealer & Spot Price

If you are researching precious metals dealers, you must ensure that the dealers are actually legit companies before you purchase. It is important to verify their status to ensure that they have obtained authentic merchandise from trustworthy distibutors. Ploutos Gold and Silver LLC works directly with some of the most trusted Gold and Silver distributors in the world. From us, you can buy gold and silver online at the best spot prices possible.

Once you’ve verified the statuses of the dealers, it’s time to compare them. Take shipping, insurance, and taxation into consideration when examining prices. To determine whether a dealer can accommodate your needs, you should also look at their different shipping policies and payment methods. We offer the ability to pay with credit card, ACH and even using Bitpay. If you are local you can also set up a time to meet us in person to pay for your products. When we ship we ship directly from our distributors fully insured via FED EX. Fed ex will ask for an ID and signature.

What to Look for When Buy Gold and Silver Bullion Online

The first step in buying precious metals is deciding which type you want to purchase.
Bullion comes in various forms, including coins, rounds, and bars.

Gold or Silver Coins:

The use of coins as currency makes them the most commonly recognized bullion form. In addition to their stunning designs, they are ideal for displaying investments. The limited number of coins produced by government mints such as American Silver coins and South African Gold coins often makes them valuable investments and collectibles. As a result of their rarity, their premium rates are also higher than those of other precious metals.

Silver or Gold Rounds:

Rounds: Since rounds are flat, disc-like shapes, they are often mistaken for coins, but their value is not the same as coins. The amount of precious metal solely determines the value of these items in them. It is important to note that although a round’s premium rate is lower than a coin’s, it increases and decreases inversely with its size. A smaller coin will have a higher premium over the spot than a larger coin. However we do offer many collectible rounds from various private mints. We offer these collectible gold rounds and collectible silver rounds at the best price possible. Often these rounds like the popular 2021 2 oz Silver Malta Knights of the Past With Acrylic Glass Display can be up to a $100 cheaper due to our pricing structure. However one of the more affordable popular rounds is the Aztec Silver Round.

Buy Gold or Silver Bars:

A bar is a rectangular piece of precious metal. Since this type is stackable, it makes it easy to organize and store. As bars get larger, the premium over spot decreases, thus making them popular among investors. Our most popular silver bar right now is the 1 oz Silver Bar Nadir and most popular gold bar is the 1 oz gold Pamp Lady Fortuna. Because of this, bars are best suited to customers who are looking to make substantial investments, and don’t have a lot of space to store their precious metals.

Decide which precious metal form you want to purchase, take into consideration how much space you have to store them, and buy gold and silver at the best price possible here at

Buy Gold and Silver Bullion Online from Ploutos Gold and Silver LLC

Ploutos Gold and Silver LLC is one of the only family owned online dealers in the USA. We are striving to make precious metals purchasing an enjoyable and straightforward process. In addition to low premiums, we offer a wide selection of gold and silver bullion, and our team of friendly staff is ready to assist you. For more information, contact us today.

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