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How to Buy the Best Gold Bars at Spot Rate Online

How can I buy the best gold bars at spot rate online? This question is often asked by gold and silver buyers. As a matter of fact, you cannot buy gold or silver at a spot price under normal circumstances. There are two reasons for this: dealers are charged a premium by mints, and they also charge their fee. Premiums from mints have soared especially for the US Mint. For Ploutos Gold and Silver our dealer fee is only 3% across the board. Here is How to Buy the Best Gold Bars at Spot Rate Online.

Silver and gold bullion buyers can, however, try to buy as close as possible to spot prices. How do they achieve this? To buy gold and silver as close to spot as possible, investors can try the following methods:

1: Choose Your Bullion or Coins First

Depending on the product, premiums attached to gold bars and coins can vary wildly. If a coin is certified and near mint condition, it is likely to carry a substantial premium over the spot price. It is usually impossible to purchase a product like this near the spot price. Ploutos carries NGC and PCGS certified coins every so often, but we do not specialize is numismatic items. When trying to buy as close to the spot as possible, choose the appropriate coins, bars, and rounds. Most dealers will charge the lowest premiums over current spot prices for bullion bars and rounds.

2: Get the Current Spot Price Online

All over the internet or on dealer websites, you can easily find the live spot price of gold today or the live spot price of silver today. So check the current market price for gold and silver before making a purchase. To see our spot prices see our home page!

3: Shop Online After Finding Out the Current Spot Gold or Silver Price

Buying gold and silver online has never been easier than at Ploutos Gold and Silver LLC. Here you can compare dealer prices from the comfort of your own homes. Check out or pricing compared to big companies like Apmex, or JM Bullion. We think you will be pleasantly surprised!

4: Consider Other Costs When Buying Gold or Silver

Are there any additional costs associated with the purchase of gold or silver? Buyers can easily overlook this very important issue. If you use a credit card to make the purchase, there may be additional charges for shipping and insurance. Be sure to keep track of all charges. Costs associated with these must be included in the total transaction price. To compare bullion dealers side by side, one must understand all costs involved. We charge a $25 for shipping and insurance for all orders under $1500. Even with our shipping cost, we are generally still much less expensive!

5: Consider Dealing in Volume

Bullion dealers often offer significant per-ounce discounts to bulk buyers. These bulk discounts are often listed on the websites of dealers. Check this. The cost per unit may be lower when someone buys in bulk. If you notice on our website our pricing here at Ploutos Gold and Silver is usually the same or less expensive than the “bulk order” prices on other websites. If your order is over $50,000 we may be able to offer you an additional .5%-1% off too!

6: Condition of Gold and Silver Bullion

New products usually carry higher premiums than used products in varying conditions. Furthermore, lower grade or lower condition products may be less expensive than high-grade ones.

When buying bullion or coins, it is important to do your research. You can purchase gold or silver confidently by doing your homework and research.

Buy Best Gold Bars at Spot Rate Online From Ploutos Gold and Silver LLC!

If you want to Buy the Best gold bars at spot rate online, then Ploutos Gold and Silver LLC is the best place. We are a reputable bullion dealer in the USA, offering gold and silver at the best spot price. Our experienced sales team will guide you in how to buy gold or silver based on current market values. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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