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Buy Wearable Gold Bullion at Best Price in USA Online From Ploutosgs

Buy wearable gold bullion at best price in USA. Gold bullion coins, gold rounds, or gold bars are the majority of the products investors buy when buying gold. However, gold is also available as wearables. You can buy it in the form of jewelry. Our gold bracelet products are just what you need to add a touch of style to your precious metal collection.

1 oz Gold Bullion Bracelets

With our 1 oz gold bracelets, you can choose between hammered or polished bracelets. Polished bracelets have a clean, refined appearance, whereas hammered bracelets have a rough appearance. At Ploutosgs, our collection contains:

1 oz Gold Hammered Design Bracelet
1 oz Gold Polished Bracelet

A gold bracelet is an excellent example of how to hold and buy a gold bullion of 1 oz. It doesn’t matter if you put it on or not. Our gold bracelets carry the same value as other gold bullion products.

Our gold bracelets weigh one Troy ounce each and contain .99999 pure gold. Both bracelets have a 6 cm x 7 cm outer diameter and are .5 cm thick.

DG Gold bracelet Packaging

Our gold bracelets are securely packaged in a protective card by Dillon Gage. One side of the card displays the company’s name and the purity level, while the other highlights the CertiCard Security technology. The card also features a QR code for authenticating your piece with DG and the unique certificate number. Additionally, the back of the card provides product information such as weight, grade, and metal composition.

What Is the Benefit of Gold Bullion Jewelry?

Prior to the creation of gold coins, a different form of money was used: pure gold jewelry. Before coins and bars became commonplace, they served as currency and barter.

Even in the USA today, jewelry made of gold is the most common type of jewelry. People prefer it over other forms of investment gold. In the USA, roughly three ounces of gold are purchased as jewelry for every ounce of gold in coin or bar form.

For those interested in accumulating gold, there are several options available. While gold bullion coins and bars with 1 oz options are widely available, their premiums are often higher than those of gold jewelry items. The versatility of gold jewelry allows you to take it wherever you go, at any time. And since our gold wearables have been certified by DG, you can buy them with the same sense of security as you would with a sovereign mint or private gold bullion piece.

Buy Wearable Gold Bullion at Best Price in USA Online

Some investors prefer to wear their wealth on their wrists. If you’re one of those, then our unique gold bullion bracelets are a great way to keep some of your investment on hand. Do not hesitate to reach out to Ploutos Gold and Silver LLC for any questions you may have. To contact us directly, please dial 617-564-1630 or email


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