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Buy Silver Online: How to Compare Silver Bullion Investments

Every time the price of silver rises, investors begin to wonder if now is the right time to invest in physical silver. Similar to gold, silver is viewed as a safe-haven asset due to its not so volatile nature. In times of uncertainty, safe-haven assets can provide investors with protection, and with tensions running high, this could be a good investment. However, consider the following factors of how to Buy Silver Online: How to Compare Silver Bullion Investments if you want to buy silver online.


The Silver Premium Over the Spot Price

The premium over spot is the amount of premium that is added on top of the melt value of the bar, round, or coin of silver. In some cases, bullion products have greater value compared to their intrinsic worth, depending on their age, rarity, and minting source, just as a whole is greater than its parts. Every mint charges a different mint premium, and those can change at anytime.

Some graded silver carries a collectible value, and those silver coins may command much higher premiums over spot. Some silver is just bullion and those coins, bars, and rounds carry lower premiums.


Purity of your silver

There is 99.9% pure silver in most coins, bars, and rounds manufactured worldwide, whether in the USA, Austria, or China. In some mints, e.g., the Royal Canadian Mint, 99.99% pure silver is used instead of the usual purity level. As a result, these precious metals tend to be .09% purer compared to other precious metals.


Silver Counterfeiting Possibility

In the precious metals market, counterfeiting is a long-standing issue. Therefore, many mints use counterfeit-proof marks or features on their coins. 

Silver coins are the safest investment instrument for physical silver. Legal tender status and production by a sovereign mint ensure the strongest measures against counterfeiting. So consider this factor when you want to buy silver online. If the price of silver seems too good to be true, meaning below spot value, it most likely is too good to be true.


Stackability of your Silver

When investing in silver bullion, it is essential to store it efficiently and safely. In this hot to Buy Silver Online: How to Compare Silver Bullion Investments we tell you that stackability is crucial. When purchasing silver bullion in bulk, it is important to consider the value per square inch. One of the best ways to store precious metals is to stack and store silver bars. In terms of silver per square inch, they offer a lot more. If you intend to store many silver coins or rounds, you will need boxes, tubes, or casings. The fact that they can be bulky makes them a difficult option for massive amounts of silver.


When You Want to Buy Silver Online, Check Brand or Series

An item’s brand or series has a significant influence on its demand. The best option is to invest in well-known product series such as Canadian Maple Leafs or American Silver Eagles to maintain the freedom to invest or divest in a particular instrument as and when desired. As a result, you can be sure that there will always be plenty of sellers and buyers in the market at any given time.


Secondary vs. New Markets

It is also important to consider whether to purchase freshly minted items or older, less expensive second-hand silver items when you want to buy silver online. Many investors believe used precious metal products are less valuable due to their condition or unfinished appearances, like any other product or commodity. Silver coins and bars in new condition, regardless of their silver weight or purity, are as valuable as their second-hand counterparts in perfect condition. Silver coin collectors, however, prefer coins in mint condition or close to mint condition for their collectible value.

In an investment portfolio, all forms of silver products serve a purpose. The safest and most recommended strategy is to allocate a certain amount of silver bullion instruments to your tangible assets. If you have decided to buy silver online, check Ploutos Gold and Silver LLC. We have a diverse collection of silver. Whether you want to buy Silver Bars, Silver Rounds, American Silver, Canadian Silver, Australian Silver, South African Silver, or British Silver – we have everything of your choice. Check our products, and don’t forget to add your favorite collection to your cart. This is you guide on hot to Buy Silver Online: How to Compare Silver Bullion Investments.

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