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Buy Canadian Gold Coin at Best Price in USA Online

Collectors and investors alike appreciate gold coins as valuable assets worth adding to their portfolios and collections. In the precious metals industry, this yellow metal reigns supreme. There are a number of mints around the world that produce bullion gold coins. And Canadian gold coins are considered highly coveted and the most popular gold bullion available today. Would you like to Buy Canadian Gold Coin at best Price in USA online?

Then there is no better place for you than Ploutos Gold and Silver LLC. Unlike other gold coins, our Maple Leaf coins contain 24-karat gold, making them desirable.

Royal Canadian Mint History

Governor-General Earl Grey established the Royal Mint of Canada in 1908. And among the first coins minted by the Royal Canadian Mint was the fifty-cent coin. They produced gold bars for the British Empire during World War I, aiding the country in repaying its foreign debts. 1911 marked the completion of their original refinery. For miners and banks worldwide, new refineries were built in 1936. And Winnipeg opened its second mint in 1976.

In recent years, it has grown into the world’s most prominent sovereign mint. Yukon Territories’ gold and precious metal discoveries compelled it to open its own mint. As a producer of collectible coins, badges, bullion gold coins, and more, the Royal Canadian Mint played a vital role in the country’s development. In 1982, the refinery produced the world’s first fine gold bullion coins. Its proud history peaked in 2007 when the Canadian mint broke the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest coin, a $1 million bullion gold coin weighing 100 kg, with 99.99% purity.

99.999% pure gold coins

The exceptional purity of Canadian gold coins makes them so valuable. It is very rare for other mints to produce coins that contain 99.999% pure gold, as the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf is.

They are also the world’s first 99.999% purity coins and are trusted by investors and collectors as being high-value coins.

Canadian Gold Gold Maple Leaf

The Gold Maple Leaf is Canada’s official bullion and is one of the most expensive coins produced by the Royal Canadian Mint. There is a depiction of Queen Elizabeth II on these coins, along with the maple leaf, which represents the nation.

There are two types of Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins, bullion, and proof, available each year. We can help you purchase Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins in bullion or proof-certified forms, regardless of the year or weight you need. Another popular gold product or the 2022 25 Gram Gold Maplegrams!

Buy Canadian Gold Coin at Best Price in USA Online From Ploutos Gold and Silver LLC

Buy Canadian coins from Ploutos Gold and Silver LLC, a reputable and well-known USA-based family business. With us, you’ll get top-notch service, Guaranteed Best Pricing, and the perfect coin. We provide multiple payment options, so you can receive precious metals more quickly and easily. If you have questions about our Canadian Gold Coins or if you need help finding the right coin, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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