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4 Questions to Ask Your Bullion Dealer When to Buy Gold Online

Bullion is a great investment option for anyone looking to protect their wealth in the long-term, protect against economic downturns, or control a tangible asset. It is an irreplaceable safeguard in a volatile market, checking off boxes other assets cannot. There are many USA bullion dealers from whom you can buy gold online. However, if you want to know if precious metals are the right investment for you. Here are 4 Questions to Ask Your Bullion Dealer When to Buy Gold Online.

No1: What Does Bullion Mean?

To get the best product, you must first ensure that it is what you are looking for. Whether its coins, bars or rounds, gold and silver bullion are high-purity metals. Unlike those who purchase jewelry, bullion buyers for the most part do not care about design or brand. Most bullion investors are looking at the purity of the gold and silver, not necessarily the looks or brand.

No 2: Which Bullion Is Best for You?

There are so many options available that it’s difficult to choose which will suit your needs. The decision depends on how you intend to invest as well as how long you plan to keep your gold or silver investment.

Additionally, you can choose between coins, rounds and bars. Because coins are more expensive to produce, their premiums are higher. However, it is easy to authenticate coins from the world’s major mints. Rounds are generally less expensive depending if its a generic round or a specialty round.

The standard size for gold bars and coins is one ounce, but there are also different sizes available, such as gold bars weighing 1 gram, 1/10 ounce gold bars, and 1 kilogram gold bars. The right product for you will depend on your needs, and wants. Would you like to hold onto the coin for decades and possibly even pass it on to your children? This would most likely be where I would recommend numismatic graded coins. However, if you want to save on the premium and buy and sell as close to spot as possible, buying a larger bar of gold or silver is your best bet. Trading on price gains with smaller amounts will allow you to profit from a short-term or long-term outlook.

No 3: Where do you get these Gold Coins and Bars?

Before you buy your coins or bars, you should know where they come from. Bullion dealers obtain their products primarily in two ways.

Refiners and mints, and distributors

Mints do not sell gold directly to individual consumers. To sell and buy bullion products, private refiners and sovereign mints partner with distributors. It’s this way that you can acquire new bars and coins. Ploutos Gold and Silver for the most part works directly with two large and well know distributors. We work with them closely to make sure we get new products often and we are able to get the best price possible. We also prefer working direct with distributors because this allows for double and triple checking our products authenticity.

The individual investor

Bullion dealers usually purchase gold or other precious items from individual investors. The condition of preowned products is always stated when you buy them. It is more affordable to buy these products than the mint’s new releases, but you’re still investing in .999 fine coins or rounds.

At Ploutos Gold and Silver we do not buy directly from the public….yet. The reason for this is because there are a lot more precautions that need to take place when buying from the public. Authenticity problems generally only come up when buying from the public. Until we have an XRF gun in our office we will not be purchasing from the public.

No 4: What Is Your Procedure for Shipping Precious Metals?

Privacy is of utmost importance. Being discreet about metal storage at home is the first rule of metal storage. If you share too much information about it, your home might become a target for thieves. Keep it in a fireproof safe, or better yet keep it in a safe out of your home. We do not recommend keeping gold and silver in your banks safe deposit box!

When you place tour order to buy gold or silver online, it should arrive in discrete packaging so that no one, not even the delivery person, will know you’re purchasing and keeping gold or silver. Taking this simple precaution is a good safety measure for any investor. When buying gold and silver online with Ploutos Gold and Silver LLC. We ship out directly from our vaults in Texas with discreet packaging and fully insured by a third party company. This way not even the delivery drivers know you purchased precious metals online.

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There you have it…4 Questions to Ask Your Bullion Dealer When to Buy Gold Online, and some answers. is an online bullion dealer based in the USA. Our site provides current live pricing with assortment of the best gold and silver products available online. For you to make a much more rewarding buying decision, we strongly believe in open transparency. Contact us today to buy gold online and silver at the best price possible.

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