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Who we are, and why we are here:

Ploutos Gold and Silver LLC is a family owned Gold and Silver Bullion online dealer in USA. It is your place to buy gold online and to buy silver online. We were sick and tired of the other dealers out there making buying gold and silver more complicated than it should be. It seemed like every time we called to purchase it would always be a bait and switch to something numismatic.

Since we always loved bullion, and seeing where our economy was going we decided in the first week of the Covid pandemic that we needed to pivot. And here we are!

What can you buy, and how much?:

What can you purchase from Ploutos? You can only purchase gold and silver coins, bars, and bullion online on our site in USA.

Our pricing is structured to be Spot + premium (which is the price we pay) plus our 3% fee. Thats it, fair and easy to calculate. We are able to do this by keeping our overhead costs to a minimum. You can always see the spot price of silver and the spot price of gold right on our home page.

Our “As Low As” price is our ACH price. Our full price is our card price these prices are higher due to credit card fees.

Please note, any product that does not specify a year date in the PRODUCT TITLE means it is a common date item, which means we give no guarantee what date you will receive.

After your purchase:

Your order is locked in at the time of sale and will not be affected by market fluctuations. We keep many items in stock and most items ship out 7-14 business days after payment. If for some reason there is a delay we will be in touch with you. All items are shipped USPS Priority mail or Fed Ex and a signature and ID may be required.

Shipping to P.O. Box is not allowed unless you contact us before purchasing and it will incur an additional fee.

Our Goal

Our goal as a family run business is to build relationships with our clients. When you call we know your name and you know you are not just a “customer number” . We know that fair deals and great customer service is how we can earn your repeat business.


If you have any questions or would like to schedule an in person appointment please get in tough by using the contact us page or by calling 617-564-1630 or email us at or use our contact us page.